coi About the Center

At the Center of Innovation (COI) we believe that the future of Innovation will be Human-Centered, shaped by Digital Excellence and a strong Cognitive Leadership.

COI has the mission to identify transformative methods, creating innovative solutions and products for COI and its partners. We bring the insights and inspiration that will help forward-looking leaders to transform their business and beyond.

COI offers an interdisciplinary platform for Business Partners, Knowledge Experts and Creative Minds to develop and implement innovative solutions. The projects are assigned and funded by companies, industries and organizations.

COI is an InnovationHub for interdisciplinary researchers, business partners and creative minds driven by creating impact in how organizations can adapt in an era of disruption.


COI Expertise is international, independant and interdisciplinary. Our mission is to accellerate and shorten Time-to-Market.

COI values Excellence. If something is better than good, it deserves our attention and inspires our minds.

COI values Integrity. To actual do what you think and say is a quality which we appreciate.

COI values Sustainability. Our and further generations should be allowed to live a decent life on this planet.

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